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If Getting Tough Means Pulling Out Intestines with Hooks, Let’s Pull Out Intestines with Hooks!

Torturer-wallpaper_1920x1080In Episode 7 of Trumperama, we discuss Trump’s love of the sweet science of torture. We look at how the media treats the Donald like a developmentally-disabled child and applauds each time he manages to get through a speech without soiling himself. And, taking a moment of personal privilege, I explain why I’m trying to get some help in the Mental Health Arena for a vexatious litigant in Maryland.

Donald Trump: Recipe for a Dictator – TRUMPERAMA! they should have left him in the oven a bit longer.

Introducing our new original tune, “Recipe for a Dictator.” (Sam, you made the HANDS too small.)

But you need little hands to get in to the pipe and clean out all the lies when you fact check the master prevaricator. Just don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and be current on your tetanus shots.

Enjoy Episode 006 of Trumperama!

The Orlando Massacre Presents a Conundrum for Bigots – TRUMPERAMA!

Photo-on-6-13-16-at-5.39-PMWelcome to Episode 5 of Trumperama, in which I introduce my first song written and played on the Suzuki Q Chord, “They Can Not Ban Automatic Weapons.”

On this day after the largest mass shooting in American history, we find our right wing bigots faces with a true conundrum: “Who to hate more, the Gays or the Muslims?”

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