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Potential Trump Veeps Leave Rat-Shaped Holes in the Water

Have you gotten your phone call yet? No? Just wait. You will. Donald Trump’s search for a Vice Presidential running mate is not going well.

It will boil down to either Indiana Governor Mike Pence, as exciting as a cup of plain yogurt; NJ Governor Chris Christie, currently following Trump from rally to rally to hold his coat; or Newt Gingrich, in which case Trump’s next hire better be a food taster.

Or, if God REALLY loves us… he could choose Sarah Palin!


And Enjoy Episode 009 of TRUMPERAMA!

Trump Narrows Veep Choices

Word is that Donald Trump is winnowing down the field of potential contestants in the veepstakes. Gingrich? Christie? PALIN? Who knows?

Also, sometimes one has to turn to his or her higher power to understand the complexities of life. God? Or Dr. Phil?

That and more on Episode 008 of Trumperama!

If Getting Tough Means Pulling Out Intestines with Hooks, Let’s Pull Out Intestines with Hooks!

Torturer-wallpaper_1920x1080In Episode 7 of Trumperama, we discuss Trump’s love of the sweet science of torture. We look at how the media treats the Donald like a developmentally-disabled child and applauds each time he manages to get through a speech without soiling himself. And, taking a moment of personal privilege, I explain why I’m trying to get some help in the Mental Health Arena for a vexatious litigant in Maryland.